Monday, November 17, 2014

Dicipline is important for success

The definition of discipline is not doing something too much and keeping order of your life.

1.BEING disciplined can be organizing your life properly and keeping order of your life.

2.Discipline can also mean not doing something too much or too less.

3.The IMPORTANCE of being disciplined is to keep us in order,so that our lives
wont be messy and bring us to the target.

4.Discipline is IMPORTANT  to us because its like a highway that bring us to a     target that we want.

5.But if we are not disciplined ,we may take the wrong highway and crash into a wall and  we may not reach the destination ever.

6.Discipline is like a key to success,if you are disciplined u will reach the stage of success and become a great person.When you are at your target,you still must be disciplined because you may drop if you aren't.
Well if you're a 12 year old kid with no discipline,your mom will probably knock your head with a feather duster.

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